Siesta Beach

Our beaches are among the best in the world. Siesta Beach offers tennis and volleyball courts, a shaded playground and picnic area. Two concession stands provide for a quick bite or a refreshing drink. Its shallow water near the shoreline and year-round lifeguard protection make it a great beach for the whole family. You may even borrow beach wheelchairs if you have a visitor who needs help across the sand. Whether you want to enjoy a game of volleyball with friends, relax on the 99% quartz sand, or attend the Drum Circle on Sunday evening, there’s always something to do on Siesta Beach. The beach is within walking distance of the many shops and restaurants in Siesta Key Village.

Crescent Beach

Located just south of Siesta Beach, Crescent Beach allows visitors to enjoy the same azure Gulf waters and picture-perfect sunsets in a quieter, more secluded setting. Crescent Beach has two public access points. At the southern tip of Crescent Beach you’ll find Point of Rocks, an area rich with coral formations and colorful marine life that is perfect for snorkeling or diving. Crescent Beach is the most private, non-private beach in town. The sand at Crescent Beach was rated as the “World’s Finest, Whitest Sand” at the Great International Sand Challenge in 1987 beating more than 30 entrants.

Turtle Beach

The southern most of our beaches, Turtle Beach, offers a “sportier” beach experience with its picnic areas, playground, volleyball court and horseshoe pit. Turtle Beach has a boat launch area and fishing is permitted in the adjacent Blind Pass Lagoon. Turtle Beach is a narrow beach with a steeper incline and darker sand that carries more shells. This beach is perfect for beachcombers and shell collectors; you might even find a petrified shark’s tooth to take home, especially after a storm. This area has restaurants, shopping and a few local night spots nearby.