Siesta Key, Florida boasts of its year-round sunshine, favorable temperatures and Gulf breeze. We call this “Chamber of Commerce Weather.” On average Siesta Key enjoys 251 sunny days a year.

However, when it does rain we call it “Liquid Sunshine.” Showers don’t stick around long.

Our winter months’ daytime averages are in the low to mid 70s. Summer months average in the upper 80s and experience our highest rainfall.

The average water temperature around Siesta Key reaches 66°F in winter and 73°F in spring. In summer the average temperature rises to 86°F, and in autumn it’s 80°F.

Legend has it that either an ancient Indian blessing or magical powers in the crystal sands of Siesta Key keep hurricanes away from our piece of paradise. But should it ever be needed, Sarasota County has a detailed emergency plan to keep tourists and locals safe.