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The easiest way to establish state residency is by filing a Declaration of Domicile. You can and should do this as soon as you relocate, you do not have to be here for a specified minimum amount of time in order to be declared a resident.

For more information call the Sarasota County Clerk of Circuit Courts at 941-362-4066.

Voter Registration

You can register to vote when you acquire or renew your Florida driver's license or at several other convenient locations.

For more information call the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections office at 941-951-5307.

Vehicle Registration

If you are just relocating to the area, you must register your vehicles within 10 days of gaining employment or enrolling your children in school. In order to register, you must have your driver's license, proof of Florida automobile insurance, vehicle title and prior registration. If a lien holder is holding your title, bring your payment book or lien holder's name and address, and your account number.

For more information call the Sarasota County Tax Collector at 941-861-8300.

Driver's License & Insurance

New residents have 30 days to apply for a Florida driver's license. State law requires you to first register your vehicle with the tax collector. Bring proof of this registration, your out-of-state license, and your social security card to the Tax Collector. Compulsory no-fault insurance or personal injury protection insurance is required on all private passenger and commercial motor vehicles registered and licensed in Florida, as well as on automobiles of non-residents who have been in the state for more than 90 days during the preceding year.

For more information call the Sarasota County Tax Collector at 941-861-8300.


Florida residents can declare the first $25,000 of their home's value as tax exempt, thereby reducing their ad valorem tax bill. To file for a homestead exemption, you must first establish residency by December 31st of year prior to the year in which you will claim the exemption. You must file for the exemption in January or February of the year being claimed. After March 1, you may only file an application for the following year.

For more information contact the Sarasota County Property Appraise's office at 941-861-8200.

Utilies & Services

Electricity: Florida Power & Light - 941-917-0708

Telephone: Verizon - 800-483-4000

Gas: People Gas/TECO - Sarasota County -941-366-4277

Water: Sarasota County Environmental Services - 941-861-6790

Water & Sewer: Siesta Key -

Cable: Comcast Cable - 941-371-6700

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