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Pesky Bug Stay Away repels mosquitos, ticks, gnats, no see ums, greenhead flies, sand flies and many more insects. Even deters Red Fire Ants.Pesky Bug Stay Away Spray is much different and more effective than the many other personal repellents on the market. Pesky Bug Away Contains the most proven, effective, natural, insect repelling ingredients in one product. It has been tested and video documented. The videos demonstrate it effectively keeps away mosquito’s, no see um’s, ticks, greenhead flies, and many other pesky and dangerous bugs. It is one of the only products available to provide All In One All-Natural Sun, Bug, Dry Skin Protection. What Makes Emma Beans Pesky Bug Away Different? It is a spray lotion, not sticky, oily, greasy. It is one of the only, you can use on your face. It was originally designed to be a daily moisturizer that conditions and protects your skin. It can be sprayed on your clothing; it will not stain. This is important as all repellents work on odor and full coverage works best. Finally, it is guaranteed, you do not like it, you say it does not work, we send your money back. No other company stands behind their products like we do. WORKS BETTER, SMELLS BETTER, FEELS BETTER, IT IS BETTER

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